Frequently Asked Questions

 How many Buses are in the Delta Area Transit Authority fleet?


DATA Bus currently has 17 buses in our fleet.  All 17 buses area lift-equipped with capacities ranging from 12 to 28 seated passengers.  The more wheelchair positions we need to utilize in transport the less seating we have  available for other passengers.  Four of the buses will only allow for one wheelchair transport at a time.  The other 13 buses can take at least two wheelchair transports at one time.  We have one larger bus that has 3 wheelchair positions.  There is also one small bus that can hold up to 4 wheelchair at one time. DATA now has 3 mini vans to help us do affordable transportation in the townships.


How long do you keep the buses for?


The State of Michigan mandates that we use the buses for 7 years or 200,000 miles whichever comes first before we can ask for a replacement bus.  It can take up to 3 years after requesting for a replacement before we actually receive the replacement bus.  


How many people work at DATA Bus?


As of September 2013, we currently employ 27 people.  We have 17 drivers, 2 mechanics, 2 dispatchers, 1 administrative assistant, 1 admin assistant/dispatcher,  2 intercity ticket agents, a service supervisor and an executive director.  We have 11 full-time employees and 16 part-time.


How is DATA Bus funded?


DATA Bus is funded 18% by federal fuel tax dollars and 36% by state fuel tax dollars.  The remainder of our funding is through local funding sources consisting of millages from only the cities of Escanaba and Gladstone at this time and fares received either from the fare box receipts or from agency contracts.


Why are there so many big buses?


When the buses were ordered in the past, the floor plans only allowed for the bigger buses to be able to carry multiple wheelchairs at one time.  DATA has to keep these buses until they have reached useful life of 7 years or 200,000 miles.  In the future, there will be smaller buses but can still take multiple wheelchairs at one time.


Why doesn't DATA do weddings anymore?


Federal Department of Transportation regulations do not permit public transit agencies to provide charter services when there are private companies registered in the area that are willing to do the service.  DATA is allowed to provide services of that nature to persons with limited mobility, elderly, persons with special needs and/or government officials on official government business.  







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